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Fine Writing Instruments & Art Materials

In 1832 chemist Carl Hornemann founded his own color and ink factory in Hanover Germany, the company had expanded greatly in the following years and began distributing Pelikan products all over Europe.


Guenther Wagner obtained the position of chemist and plant manager in 1863, and by 1871 he had taken over the company. He registered his family emblem - the pelican - as the company's logo in 1878. It was one of the first German trademarks ever.


In 1895, Fritz Beindorff married Guenther Wagner's daughter and became the successor to the Pelikan brand. Under his management, Pelikan went through a period of rapid expansion into office products. One year later, Pelikan's India Ink dominated the market throughout Europe, and lead to the development to the world renown 4001 ink series - both products are still sold world wide today.


In 1929 Pelikan introduced it's first fountain pen. It was well known for its trademark green barrel, transparent ink window, and technically innovative ink flow. The differential piston mechanism was a true revolution of its time.  This pen has inspired a number of Pelikan pens still available, such as the classic green-marble pen and the Toledo.


Watercolors became the next big venture for Pelikan in 1931 with the introduction of a pan set geared toward school children. For the next seventy years, Pelikan expanded its paint and pen product lines as new technology and trends shaped the market place. 


By 1993, Pelikan launched it's first limited edition luxury writing instrument: Blue Ocean. Since then, numerous pens, meticulously crafted and highly regarded for their unique artistry, have come to market and have been highly sought after by high-end pen collectors. 


In 2001, Pelikan began its partnership with Chartpak for distributing art materials and fine writing instruments in North America. Today, Chartpak offers a wide range of limited edition luxury fine writing instruments, premium pens and inks, student grade pens, artists' inks and watercolors. 

The Pelikan Product Line - North America

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