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Apply to be a Chartpak Affiliate

Our dedicated Affiliate Manager will review your application confidentially, and we will never make any part of your application public. Once your application has been accepted, you will be granted Chartpak Certified Affiliate status. Former Grumbacher Certified Instructors that have already passed our education program screening will get automatic application approval and will maintain their certified instructor status: we will update our databases with your most current information.

Prepare for your Application

Provide a Brief Bio

We want to get to know you.  Tell us what kind of art you make, your education around art, what inspires you, and how you share your love of art with others.  Let us know anything and everything about your passion for art!

Statement of Intent

How do you intend to use your affiliate links?  Do you blog? Are you a social media influencer? Do you teach classes, make YouTube videos?  We want to know your grand plans so we can help support you as our program grows to match your ambitions.

Product Choice

What products are you interested in? Let us know the media you’ve mastered, the art materials you’re curious about trying, and what you’d like to promote as an affiliate.

Provide Your Links

Show us what you’ve got!  List your socials, blogs, websites, channels, classes, or other online adventures. If you teach in person, send us your best lesson plan or class material.

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Affiliate Application

Let's Get Started with your basic contact information.

Tells us about yourself and why you'd like to become an affiliate

Are you a Grumbacher Certified Artist or Instructor?
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Provide your social media links, blogs, websites, video channels, class or other places we can find you online!

Upload 1-5 examples of your art work

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