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Engagement is at the core of Chartpak’s value system. We believe everyone's voice matters in art, regardless of social or economic status, because a varied tapestry of visual expression creates a richer, more interesting, and inspiring world. 


Chartpak has created a robust set of programs that collaborate with artists through educational efforts in the form of lectures, workshops, classes, and professional trade shows, as well as online resources for social media and digital formats.

If you have a non-profit organization that would like to place a product donation request, please fill out the form here.  We review all requests on a case-by-case basis.

Art Class

• Art Ambassadors

• In-Store Artists

• Brand Featured Artists

• Brand Hall of Fame Artists

• Social Media Partners

Artist Programs

• Staff that manages 2,000+ artists in the US and Canada

• Scheduling

• Event Coordination

• Feedback & Reporting System

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• Lectures, Lesson Plans, & Educational Content Development

• Store & Collegiate Workshops

• Online Resources

Curriculum Development

Organizations We Support

Educational Outreach Specialties


Art Start

Art Start is a program out of New York City that provides art instruction and activities to at-risk and under-served children, teens, and families with the belief that ART SAVES LIVES.  These events take place inside homeless shelters, alternative to incarceration programs, and partnering youth agencies. They match teaching partners to youths through creative workshops.  Chartpak has conducted a workshop/lecture with Art Start instructors, family art projects with their community members, and product donations. 



The Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) is a nonprofit organization for colored pencil enthusiasts. The CPSA works to promote colored pencils as a fine art medium in a wide range of activities. They sponsor exhibitions and workshops, are involved in product research, and work to educate the public about the artform and colored pencil art materials. Chartpak is a sponsor for CPSA and attends their exhibitions, has provided workshops at their events, and donates product awards for exhibitions. 
(Artwork by Susan Rubin)


Snow Farm

Snow Farm is a non-profit organization that provides advanced studio instruction to adults and teens in a residential setting. They operate on a farm with several onsite studios located 10 minutes from Chartpak.  Snow Farm provides room and board for visiting artists through a wide range of programs tailored to high school students, instructors, and professionals. Chartpak has provided scholarships for their student summer program, workshops for students, and training for educators. 
(artwork by Wane COD and students)



The Oil Painters of America is an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting excellence in representational art. Their primary mission is to advance the cause of traditional, representational fine art by drawing attention to the lasting value of fine drawing, color, composition and the appreciation of light. They host national and regional shows, educational programs, scholarships and have become a leader in the arts community. Charpak provides awards for competitions and exhibits and attends regional shows. 
(Artwork by OPA Members)


Urban Sketchers

A global non-profit organization that connects artists through artistic storytelling on-location where they live and travel. They partner with schools, museums, and universities to provide workshops and events that take artists through various cities, allowing them to draw and learn on-site.  They have a network of blogs and online groups where urban sketchers share their drawings and stories and interact with one another.  Chartpak has sponsored events in Chicago, hosted sketching workshops, and featured Urban Sketcher artists on social media.

(Artwork by Richard Johnson)


Chartpak Artist Progams

Chartpak has a number of its own artist programs.  We work with professional artists who have extensive knowledge of art materials, techniques, and studio safety. They host workshops, give lectures, and demonstrate products. Some are up-and-coming artists, others are long-established well-known figures. The Art Ambassadors, Featured Artists by brand, Thalo Spotlight Artists, Certified Art Instructors, and Hall of Fame artist by brand are some of our signature artist programs. We also host guest artists on our blogs and social campaigns. 

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