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Our Legacy Brands

What does it mean to be a legacy brand? Craftsmanship, exacting standards, and mastery handed down from the past make the brands in our portfolio leaders in the market.  By mixing time-honored products with innovative manufacturing and logistic initiatives, our lines stand out as products consumers can rely on for consistency and excellent quality, all while being competitively priced.


American-made Art and Design Markers include the original xylene tri-nib marker and the alcohol-based twin tip Spectra AD Marker.


American made vellum. Clearprint vellum has been the standard in art and engineering since 1933 due to its durability and archival quality.


Professional and student grade American made paints, mediums, and charcoals, with brushes and accessories designed in the USA.


Professional products for artists and engineers include a wide range of colored and graphite pencils, drawing inks, and Rapidograph pens.


German made Urban Fine Art products that range from acrylic and watercolor and alcohol  pump markers, to premium spray paints.


An online community founded to help artists grow their skills, promote themselves, and to connect with others in the creative arts.


Papers for fine art, graphic art, and technical art applications that are compatible with a wide range of materials such as marker, pen, pencil and more.


Instructional kits created by artists teach those at the beginning of their creative journey basic skills in a wide range of media.


American made pigmented, black and white, and dye-based inks have been used since the 1800s by artists and illustrators.


High-quality art materials, including paints, markers, inks, and more. Kuretake is renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.


Luxury fine writing instruments are the hallmark of this brand. Recent additions in children's art products range from crayons and markers to watercolors.


The best selling odorless turpentine substitute, Turpenoid is a leader in oil paint mediums. Permalba black and white oil paints are a studio essential.


Paper converting, Pickett and Rapidesign templates, graphic tapes, vinyl appliques, rub on letters, and specialty graphic arts supplies.


Frances Meyer is best known for paper crafting supplies such as patterned papers, rub-on art, and stickers for card making and scrapbooking.


Watercolor and mixed media papers handmade from 100% cotton rag give each sheet a unique texture and heavy weight.


American made pressure sensitive adhesive labels and office supplies used for shipping, distribution, organization, and events.


Known best for its science based educational products such as the visible man, this brand was acquired by Chartpak in 2006.


Artists' furniture, drawing tables, wood and metal easels, painting palettes, portfolios, storage and portage for professional and student artists.

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