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Handmade Archival Art Papers

Known the world over for durability and versatility, Indigo Artpapers sets the standard in quality and consistency in every sheet produced. Every sheet is hand made by an experienced group of paper makers in India who take pride in their continued success and commitment to the global artistic community.

Indigo Artpapers is environmentally responsible in their manufacturing processes. By using cotton rags (not wood), bio-mass electrical energy, and recycled water in their manufacturing process, they are self-sustaining. Indigo Artpapers is proud to be able to contribute to the improvement of their local community and work together to make world class paper that artists all over the world have come to know and love.

Chartpak began their partnership with Indigo Artpapers in 2017 and are the exclusive North American distributors for this exceptional line of hand made papers.

Angela Fehr Demonstrates Indigo Watercolor Paper

The Indigo Artpapers Product Line

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