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Scrap Booking, Paper Crafting &  Card Making

Frances Meyer has been supplying crafters with the means to creatively preserve their memories since the scrap booking boom in the 1990’s. We understand that crafting is not just a hobby for many crafters, but an important way to express creativity and create mementoes to share with the important people in one's life. Frances Meyer scrap booking has been a gateway to a multitude of other crafting techniques such as card making, home decor, and gifts - all projects that allow crafters to share their creativity with others. 

Frances Meyer is dedicated to providing a home for memories, and is proud of its products that allow crafters to stretch their imaginations to the limits.  The Frances Meyer brand of paper crafting products joined the Chartpak family of brands in 2003 with a wide range of proprietary paper, stickers and kits for the crafting and stationery markets.

The Frances Meyer Product Line

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