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American Made Drawing Inks

Charles Higgins created his Eternal® black ink in his kitchen in 1880, and was the first to use the iconic wide based bottle and dropper that is still used in the line today. Over time the Higgins name has become a staple in drawing inks throughout the art industry. The line has grown to include a number of black and white inks, pigmented and dye based colored inks, a pen cleaner, and most recently Higgins ink pump markers.


Today, Chartpak carries on the ink making tradition with technological advances that create a product with quality and consistency in every batch.  Made in the USA, the ink is bottled and packaged in our facilities in Leeds, Massachusetts.


Illustrators and cartoonists have been using Higgins for generations, while at the same time new artists are discovering the vibrancy and versatility of Higgins every day. 

The Higgins Product Line

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