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Studio Furniture Since 1946

Martin Universal Design, Inc. (MUD, INC.) has been serving artists of all creative abilities since 1946.

These studio essentials feature the largest available range of artist furniture, drawing tables, wood and metal easels, artist palettes, portfolios and stowage. Many MUD products are patent protected and have been engineered by working with the many suggestions of creative users, focus groups and our experienced designers.


In the past 65-plus years, MUD, INC. has sold millions of drawing tables, stools and easels with award-winning "NO FAULT CUSTOMER SERVICE" and "BEST GUARANTEES IN THE BUSINESS."

Acquired in 2018, the Martin Universal Design brand is owned by Chartpak, Inc., a creative products company.  The same careful consideration of artist's needs and manufacturing technology goes into producing exceptional studio furniture, all while maintaining the "best guarantee in the business."

The MUD Product Line

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